POD Ultimate LED Lighting System


Compact, portable and versatile, the Reese® POD twin pack is the perfect companion for your next trip. From the bright LED wide beam light located on the top, projecting up to 400 metres; to the 360-degree red warning LED, to the multi-purpose mounting system, the POD is levels above your standard work light or torch.

The heavy-duty and weather resistant casing ensures that your POD will last in the harsh Australian terrain whilst the compact, low profile design will let you illuminate those hard to reach areas.

The Reese POD twin pack is the ultimate LED lighting system, ideal for garage, trailer, caravan or boat.

  • Multipurpose Patented REESE® PAD allows mounting magnetically, to hang with an incorporated hook, fixed mount (with screw or velcro strip) or angle mount.
  • 7 RED flashing safety modes to alert others if a hazard or your location; with up to 15 hours in S.O.S. mode
  • 2 WORK LIGHT modes (High Beam and Low Beam) with up to 3 hours on High Beam mode.
  • 140-degree wide beam for extended coverage and maximum lighting
  • 360-degree light projection and visibility of up to 400 metres
  • Compact and low profile for hard to reach places
  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic protects the POD from knocks and bumps.
  • Weather resistant construction keeps it functional in the wet or dust

Pack includes 2 x POD. Each POD requires 3 x AAA batteries